Armor in Outriders is a type of equipment that grants defensive properties when it is equipped by a hero. It protects the character from enemy attacks and grants resistance towards status ailments. Armor in the Outriders is divided into five pieces, such as armor for the Headgear, Gloves, Upper Armor, Lower Armor, and Footgear. Players can equip different pieces but equipping a full set grants unique buffs and bonuses to the character. This page covers a list of all the legendary armor in the Outriders.



Outriders All Armor Sets








Outriders Armor Sets Comparison Table

Armor Set Total Armor Set Bonus Effect
Chronosuit Set
26,842 3-Piece Bonus: Reverting time replenish your ammo in your clip.
Edge of Time Set
115,224 3-Piece Bonus: Increase damage for both Temporal Blade and Cyclone Slice.
Trespasser Set
106,328 3-Piece Bonus: Player can't die while inside the Slow Trap.
Ugake Otarah's Set
115,708 3-Piece Bonus: Hunt the Prey does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator's Knife.
Borealis Monarch Set
114,823 3-Piece Bonus: Increases Weapon Damage on frozen enemies by 80%. Also, Crit Damage is increased for all party members by 10% for 8 seconds after using the Cold Snap ability.
Grim Inventor Set
 99,818 3-Piece Bonus: While Tool of Destruction is active, a confirmed hit with Pain Launcher refills 20% ammunition for both minigun and the RPG. This only happens once for each Tool of Destruction usage.
Plague Sower Set
105,125 3-Piece Bonus: Upon Applying Toxic Status, gain 5% damage reduction for 5 seconds.
Torrential Downpour Set
2,932 3-Piece Bonus: Scrapnel creates additional cluster bombs after the explosion.
Deathproof Set
2,769 3-Piece Bonus: Reduce the cooldown of Boulderdash by 90%.
Marshal's Set
114,379 3-Piece Bonus: Endless Mass pulls enemies and makes them share damage.
Seismic Commander Set
55,103 3-Piece Bonus: Increase damage towards enemies with bleed by 150%.
Statue Set
84,231 (Upper Armor at lvl6) 3-Piece Bonus: Using either Tremor or Golem doubles your Firepower and doubles Weapon Skill Leech for you and your teammates.
Acari Set
127,10 3-Piece Bonus: Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants 25% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds.
Lava Lich Set
103,399 3-Piece Bonus: Increase damage and decrease cooldown of Eruption.
Reforged Set
2,881 3-Piece Bonus: Increase Feed the Flames damage and Thermal Bomb damage by 50%.
Torturer's Set
112,390 3-Piece Bonus: Triples the size of Volcanic Rounds' damaging aura that surrounds each bullet.
Cannonball Set
?? 3-Piece Bonus: Killing an enemy with melee skill replenishes ammunition in your current magazine.

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