Borealis Monarch Set

borealis monarch set sets armor outriders wiki guide (copy)
ARMOR  47.5k-56.5k
MAX HEALTH 1,574 Max

Borealis Monarch

3-Piece Bonus: Increases Weapon Damage on frozen enemies by 90%. Also, Crit Damage is increased by 10% for all party members for 8 seconds after Cold Snap usage.

Borealis Monarch Set is a Legendary Armor Set in Outriders. Armor Sets consist of multiple pieces of Armor, each one yielding unique stats such as Armor, Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, Max Health, Damage Output, and many more. When Players equip 3 or more pieces of armor from the same set, they receive a special buff known as the Set Bonus. Players can equip and match armor pieces from different sets, but it is recommended to use pieces under the same set to trigger Set Bonuses.



Borealis Monarch Set Information

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Set BonusBorealis Monarch
  • Set Bonus Effect: 3-Piece Bonus: Increases Weapon Damage on frozen enemies by 90%. Also, Crit Damage is increased by 10% for all party members for 8 seconds after Cold Snap usage.
  • Class: Technomancer


Borealis Monarch Set Stats and Attributes

  • Total Armor:  Approx 60k
  • Max Health: 1,574 Max
  • Status Power: 90% Max
  • Anomaly Power: -
  • Skills Life Leech:  -
  • Healing Received: -
  • Bonus Firepower: 24,114 Max
  • Cooldown Reduction:  14.98% Max
  • Long Range Damage:  30% Max
  • Close Range Damage: -


Borealis Monarch Set Armor Pieces & Mods

Legendary Armor Sets consist of 5 pieces of armor from different parts.  Each Legendary Armor Piece is designated with two Armor Mods, one Tier 3 Armor Mod, and one Tier 2 or Tier 1 Armor Mod, resulting in a total of 10 Armor Mods per set. If you want to acquire a Tier 3 Mod that is attached to the Legendary Armor Piece, then you have to dismantle it. Listed below are the following Armor Pieces, and their respective Armor Mods included in  Borealis Monarch Set.

  Armor Piece Mod 1 Mod 2
  Crown of the Borealis Monarch Twins: Cryo Turret: Two turrets can be placed before triggering the cooldown. Painful Chill: Cold Snap: Applies extra 37,154 damage to all enemies affected by the skill.
  Robe of the Borealis Monarch Icicle Storm: Cold Snap: Killing enemies Frozen by the skill makes them explode dealing 252,004 damage in 5 meter radius. Frostbite: Cold Snap: While Frozen by the skill, enemies have reduced Armor by 35% for the duration of this status.
  Gloves of the Borealis Monarch Shatter: Deal 25% more damage to enemies afflicted by freeze. Surprise: Cryo Turret: The turret explodes before being destroyed, dealing 11,071 damage in 6 meter radius.
  Waistcloth of the Borealis Monarch Cryodown: Cryo Turret: Decrease the skill's cooldown by 50%. Freezing Boost: Boosts your damage against enemies afflicted with Freeze by 15%.
  Boots of the Borealis Monarch Sharp Eye: Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you 16,089 Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Cold Purification: Cold Snap: Skill activation removes negative statuses from you and all your allies in range and receive negative statuses immunity for 5 seconds.


Borealis Monarch Set Tips & Builds

  • The 90% critical damage boost on the set bones appears to be bugged and does not off the full 90%. As of the most recent patch on Friday April 30th 2021 the developers have "Fixed the set description of the Borealis Monarch set [English Language]." Which means that this entire time the set wasn't bugged but that the text was incorrect.
  • The values above are based on fully upgrading the implicit bonuses with the proper shards in the crafting menu at item level 50. The armor value maximum is unknown, we have seen item level 50 armor drop between 8k and 11.1k per piece. It does not appear to have it's own unique armor value. Minor correction on this issue. Armor sets do not have unique armor values, but higher rarity items have lower minimums and higher maximums than the rarity below. As of now legendary armor pieces seem to spawn between armor values of 9.5k and 11.3k, actual maximums and minimums are unknown as of now
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia



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