Class Points ???
Prerequisite Trickster (Trait)
Effect Increase your Anomaly Power by 6%.

Concentration is a Trickster Trait in Outriders. Concentration is an exclusive trait for the Trickster class. Traits are passive abilities that are divided into two types which are categorized as Major and Minor Traits, Major Traits are the large circular nodes indicated on the tree which grant various strong bonuses, while Minor Traits are the small circular nodes that yield small bonuses.


Concentration Information


How to Find Concentration

  • Prerequisite: Trickster (Trait)
  • Concentration requires ??? class point(s) to be unlocked.
  • Concentration is a trait exclusive for the Trickster class and it can be found under the Reaver subclass.


Concentration Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Unlocking a trait requires the player to spend a certain number of Class Points which can be obtained through leveling up. Players can respec their Class Points at any given time without spending any resources or penalties.



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