Controls for Outriders consist of an overview of the game's input mechanism and its corresponding action for each platform. Listed below are the details for the PC, for PlayStation┬«4, PlayStation┬«5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X. The information listed below is the default controls and key bindings of the game, these can be changed by the player via the Options menu to fit their preference.


Outriders Controls


PC Controls
Playstation Controls
Xbox Controls



Keyboard and Mouse

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Playstation Buttons

Triangle Switch Weapon / (Hold) Sidearm
Circle Roll / Traverse
Square Reload / Interact
X Button Enter Cover
L2 (ADS) Aim Down Sights
L1 Skill Slot 1
L1 + R1 Skill Slot 2
R2 Shoot
R1 Skill Slot 3
D-pad Up Track Objective/ (Hold) Party Quest
D-pad Right Contextual Panel
D-pad down Auto Loot
D-pad left Emotes Menu
Left Stick Movement Controls
Right Stick Camera Controls
L3  Sprint
R3 Melee/ Swap Camera
Start Button Hero Menu



Xbox Buttons

LT (ADS) Aim Down Sights
LB Skill Slot 1
LB + RB Skill Slot
RB Skill Slot 3
RT Shoot
Start button Game Menu
Select Button Hero menu
Y Button Switch Weapon / (Hold) Sidearm
B Button Roll/Traverse
X Button Reload/Interact
A Button Enter Cover
D-pad Up Track Objective/ (Hold) Party Quest
D-pad Right Contextual Panel
D-pad Down Auto Loot
D-pad Left Emote Menu
Left Stick Movement Control
Right Stick Camera Control
Left stick button Sprint/ Swap Camera (While ADS)
Right Stick Button Melee

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