DLC for Outriders features additional content of the game that is not available with the regular edition of the game. DLC usually contains pre-order bonuses, free additional content, paid packs, and game expansions. This page covers all relevant information regarding the following DLCs that are released.


Outriders DLC

Hells Rangers

outriders hells rangers content pack dlc outriders wiki guide

Pre-Order on any platform to obtain the "Hell's Rangers" Pack for free.

The Hell’s Rangers Content Pack includes:

  • The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets
  • The Hell’s Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns
  • The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals


New Horizon

outriders new horizon update outriders wiki guide

A free update that is available for all platforms, which introduces four new Expeditions as well as an all-new Transmog system. Changes are coming with New Horizon which includes removed timers in Expeditions, new weapon skins, rebalanced Classes, Skills and Mods.

Tiagos Expedition store and vendor items are getting a major overhaul, with general improvements and updates also coming to the game.


Worldslayer Expansion

outrides worldslayer expansion

An expansion, called the Worldslayer which is set to arrive June 30th 2022. The expansion will add new areas, further difficulty tiers called Apocalypse tiers plus new PAX Skill Tree for further class customisation.

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