Close Range, Tank, Stand your Ground.

Healing Mechanic: As the Devastator, you will recover health from slain enemies that stood too close.

Devastator is a Class in Outriders. Classes are the different forms of gameplay that a player can choose. There are four different classes in the game and each class composes of its distinct attacks, moves, skillstraits, strengths, and weaknesses.


Devastator Information

  • Class Type: Tank
  • Key Words: Close Range, Tank, Stand your Ground.
  • Healing Mechanic: As the Devastator, you will recover health from slain enemies that stood too close.
  • Class Description: Take point and defend your allies. Ground and foes alike will tremble as you pass.


Devastator Skills

Listed below are the following Skills of the Devastator. Players can equip up to three of these active abilities that are used in combat.

Devastator Skills in Outriders are a group of active abilities that resonate with the Devastator class. The skills for the devastator allow the player to bend the element of earth to their own will, as a devastator, your task is to take point and defend your allies. Each class has 8 skills that can be unlocked and every class starts off with one skill and as the game progresses, you can unlock skills by increasing and attaining certain levels of your character. This page covers a list of all the skills for the Devastator class.

Skills in Outriders

Upon leveling up you may unlock a new skill. These are your special abilities that can have various effects:

  • Skills can deal damage based on your character's Anomaly Power (a value you can check in Player Stats, accessed in the Hero menu's Inventory tab).
  • Skills can inflict Status effects on enemies: crowd control, damage over time, or debuffs (for more information o to Enemies: Status Effects).
  • Some skills provide buffs for you and your party, increase your mobility, or interrupt enemy movement and attacks.

Your basic skill is an Anomaly Push and every Class has its own version. To use the other 8 skills you first need to equip them in one of the 3 available Skill Slots. Note that it is possible to swap the equipped skillset at any time, although you cannot unequip a skill that is currently in Cooldown. 

Skills are labeled with Keywords that describe an aspect of the Class. Some large Class Tree nodes grant bonuses to all skills labeled with a particular keyword (for more information go to Class Tree). The Hero menu's skills tab contains detailed information about each skill and its use.

Character Level

  • To level up, you must earn experience points awarded for killing enemies and completing quests. The bigger the difference between the enemy's level and your own, the greater the experience point amount gained for killing them.]
  • Leveling up increases your character's Maximum Health and Anomaly Power, and unlocks new Class Points and Skills (For more information go to Skills and Class Tree).

Skill Targeting and Canceling

  • Skills use a number of targeting methods that sometimes require choosing a particular enemy within the skill's range. For more information regarding individual skills, please refer to the descriptions in the Skills lab of the Hero Menu.
  • Skills that are thrown or used on a selected enemy can be cast using aiming mode, entered into by holding the corresponding skill button. While engaged in aiming mode you can always cancel the ability. Note that should you cancel costing an ability, it will be available again after a brief moment.



Outriders Devastator Skills


Release a shockwave, damaging and knocking back enemies in a frontal cone.


Fortify yourself against most damage.

Gravity Leap

Jump into the air and drop on a target damaging and knockback all nearby enemies.

Reflect Bullets

Block bullets and projectiles in a frontal cone. When the skill expires, the accumulated damage is reflected back at all enemies. Triggering the skill when it is active will initiate the effect earlier.



Select an enemy to knock back and deal damage. If the damage is lethal, the enemy will be pierced by a stone spike, granting buffs to nearby players with bonus armor and health regen for 9 seconds.


Create a series of explosions around you, each dealing damage and draining Health from enemies within a medium radius around you.


Charge forward to Interrupt all enemies in your path and deal damage. At the end of the charge, you will smash the ground and deal damage to all enemies in a small radius around you.

Endless Mass

Encase a target in stone, inflicting Bleed and pulling enemies within a small radius towards the initial target. The stone will then explode, dealing damage to all enemies within a small radius around the target.



Devastator Traits

Listed below are the following Traits of the Devastator. Traits are augments or passive abilities that buffs the stats of the character and further strengthens the Skills. Each class has three different paths that you can follow and unlock a sub-class specialization. In order to start on which path that you want to take, players must unlock the Devastator (Trait) first and then branch out to the sub-class that you want. You can respec your Class Points that was spent on a Trait that you've unlocked at any given time without spending any resources.


  • Havoc: Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
  • Shotgun Adept: Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 12%.
  • Armorbreaker: Increase your Armor Piercing by 15%.
  • Brawler: Increase your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%.
  • Perpetual Motion: Reduce KINETIC skills cooldown by 15%.
  • Shotgun Master: Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 15%. Increase shotgun weapon drop chance by 12%.
  • Assault Adept: Increase your assault weapon damage by 12%.
  • Champion: Using PROTECTION skills increases Weapon Damage by 45% for 10 seconds.
  • Bull's Eye: Increase your Critical Damage by 20%.
  • Steady Hands: Decrease weapon recoil by 30%.
  • Assault Master: Increase your assault weapon damage by 20%. Increase assault weapon drop chance by 12%.
  • Dry Them Out: Increase your Weapon Leech by 5%.
  • Bounty Hunter: Increase damage against Elites by 15%. Elites deal 15% less damage to you.
  • Bulletstorm: Reload your weapon 20% faster.
  • Ammo Stockpile: Increases your magazine size by 50%.
  • Confrontation: Enemies who damage you will have their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy as well.
  • Altered Charge: When KINETIC skills end, increase your Weapon Damage by 70% for 10 seconds.


  • Colossus: Increase your Health by 10%.
  • Tank: Increase your Armor by 20%.
  • Anomaly in Veins: Every second regenerate your Health by 1%.
  • Into the Fray: Increase your damage mitigation by 15% for 10 seconds after your KINETIC skills end. 
  • Vim and Vigor: Increase Weapon Damage by 10% for each unlocked Anomaly in Veins class node.
  • Resistance Paragon: Increase your Resistance by 20%.
  • Heirloom Armor: When an enemy dies in your Close Range, 20% of their Armor will be transferred to you for 10 seconds.
  • Profit Squared: Every ammo pick-up heals you for 5%.
  • Outrider Commander: Increase all healing by 20% and Shield by 20% for you and your allies.
  • Unending Watch: Reduce PROTECTION skills cooldown by 15%.
  • Resist the Mob: Increase Resistance by 15% for each enemy in Close Range.
  • Unbroken Vow: You have 100% chance to ignore damage that would kill you and gain 50% Health. The effect may occur once every 180 seconds.
  • Overlord of the Battleground: Gain additional 10% Health for each enemy that died at Close Range.
  • Mighty Tank: Increases Firepower and Anomaly Power by 10% of your Armor.

Seismic Shifter

  • Anomaly Reservoir: Increase your Anomaly Power by 6%.
  • Endless TremorsSEISMIC skills cooldown is reduced by 15%.
  • Rejuvenation: Increase your Skill Leech by 6%.
  • Strong Arm of the Anomaly: After using class Melee skill, increase Resistance Piercing by 15% for each hit enemy for 10 seconds.
  • Paladin: Using PROTECTION skills increases Anomaly Power by 45% for 10 seconds.
  • Pure Anomaly: Increase your Resistance Piercing by 15%.
  • Stone Circle: Extend the distance considered to be Close Range by an additional 4 meters.
  • Through the Mob: Increase your Armor by 7% for each enemy in Close Range.
  • Anomaly Bullets: Increase Firepower by 15% of your Anomaly Power.
  • Red Rivers: Increases Bleed duration by 30%.
  • Strong Arm of the Law: Double the damage of the class Melee skill.
  • Executioner: Increase damage by 20% against enemmies below 30% of health.
  • BloodbathBleed afflicted on enemies deals 30% more damage.
  • Blood Donation: You are healed for 30% of your Bleed damage.
  • Protected by the Anomaly: Increase your Armor Bonus by 40% of your Anomaly Power.
  • Skilled Sentry: Increase Armor by 20% and Resistance by 20% for 10 seconds when your skills end.
  • Earth's Heritage: Increase SEISMIC skills base damage by 50%.


Devastator Notes & Tips

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