Devastator Traits in Outriders are the various passive abilities that are exclusive to the Subclasses of the Devastator class. Traits are passive abilities that are divided into two types which are categorized as Major and Minor Traits, Major Traits are the large circular nodes indicated on the tree which grant various strong bonuses, while Minor Traits are the small circular nodes that yield small bonuses.

Unlocking a trait requires the player to spend a certain number of Class Points which can be obtained through leveling up. Players can respec their Class Points at any given time without spending any resources or penalties. This page covers a list of the various Devastator Traits.

Class Tree

  • You earn Class Points for leveling up. There are 20 Class points in total, with the final point gained when reaching level 30.
  • Class points are used to unlock Class Tree nodes in the Class Tab of the Hero Menu. The Class Tree has 3 main branches, each focusing on an aspect of Survival. Weapon damage or Anomaly Power, each corresponding to a different playstyle.
  • There are small and large nodes in the Class Tree. Each small node grants bonuses to your character's attributes. Large Nodes' effects are much more significant, granting greater percentage-based bonuses and affecting wider sets of mechanics.
  • Some large nodes affect entire sets of skills that have the same Keyword in their description. You can always reset the Tree, which refunds all spent points, so you can freely experiment with your builds.

Character Level

  • To level up, you must earn experience points awarded for killing enemies and completing quests. The bigger the difference between the enemy's level and your own, the greater the experience point amount gained for killing them.
  • Leveling up increases your character's Maximum Health and Anomaly Power, and unlocks new Class Points and Skills (For more information go to Skills and Class Tree).



Outriders Devastator Traits

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Name Subclass Trait Effect
Devastator (Trait)
N/A Every Close Range kill heals you by 24% of your Maximum Health. Receive an additional 15% Maximum Health. Increase Armor by 30%.
Vanquisher Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
Shotgun Adept (Devastator)
Vanquisher Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 12%.
Vanquisher Increase your Armor Piercing by 15%.
Vanquisher Increase your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%.
Perpetual Motion
Vanquisher Reduce KINETIC skills cooldown by 15%.
Shotgun Master (Devastator)
Vanquisher Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 15%. Increase shotgun weapon drop chance by 12%.
Assault Adept (Devastator)
Vanquisher Increase your assault weapon damage by 12%.
Vanquisher Using PROTECTION skills increases Weapon Damage by 45% for 10 seconds.
Bull's Eye
Vanquisher Increase your Critical Damage by 20%.
Steady Hands
Vanquisher Decrease weapon recoil by 30%.
Assault Master (Devastator)
Vanquisher Increase your assault weapon damage by 20%. Increase assault weapon drop chance by 12%.
Dry Them Out
Vanquisher Increase your Weapon Leech by 5%.
Bounty Hunter (Devastator)
Vanquisher Increase damage against Elites by 15%. Elites deal 15% less damage to you.
Bulletstorm (Devastator)
Vanquisher Reload your weapon 20% faster.
Ammo Stockpile
Vanquisher Increases your magazine size by 50%.
Vanquisher Enemies who damage you will have their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy as well.
Altered Charge
Vanquisher When KINETIC skills end, increase your Weapon Damage by 70% for 10 seconds.
Warden Increase your Health by 10%.
Warden Increase your Armor by 20%.
Anomaly in Veins
Warden Every second regenerate your Health by 1%.
Into the Fray
Warden Increase your damage mitigation by 15% for 10 seconds after your KINETIC skills end. 
Vim and Vigor
Warden Increase Weapon Damage by 10% for each unlocked Anomaly in Veins class node.
Resistance Paragon
Warden Increase your Resistance by 20%.
Heirloom Armor
Warden When an enemy dies in your Close Range, 20% of their Armor will be transferred to you for 10 seconds.
Profit Squared (Devastator)
Warden Every ammo pick-up heals you for 5%.
Outrider Commander
Warden Increase all healing by 20% and Shield by 20% for you and your allies.
Unending Watch
Warden Reduce PROTECTION skills cooldown by 15%.
Resist the Mob
Warden Increase Resistance by 15% for each enemy in Close Range.
Unbroken Vow
Warden You have 100% chance to ignore damage that would kill you and gain 50% Health. The effect may occur once every 180 seconds.
Overlord of the Battleground
Warden Gain additional 10% Health for each enemy that died at Close Range.
Mighty Tank
Warden Increases Firepower and Anomaly Power by 10% of your Armor.
Anomaly Reservoir
Seismic Shifter Increase your Anomaly Power by 6%.
Seismic Shifter SEISMIC skills cooldown is reduced by 15%.
Seismic Shifter Increase your Skill Leech by 6%.
Strong Arm of the Anomaly
Seismic Shifter After using class Melee skill, increase Resistance Piercing by 15% for each hit enemy for 10 seconds.
Seismic Shifter Using PROTECTION skills increases Anomaly Power by 45% for 10 seconds.
Pure Anomaly
Seismic Shifter Increase your Resistance Piercing by 15%.
Stone Circle
Seismic Shifter Extend the distance considered to be Close Range by an additional 4 meters.
Through the Mob
Seismic Shifter Increase your Armor by 7% for each enemy in Close Range.
Anomaly Bullets
Seismic Shifter Increase Firepower by 15% of your Anomaly Power.
Red Rivers
Seismic Shifter Increases Bleed duration by 30%.
Strong Arm of the Law
Seismic Shifter Double the damage of the class Melee skill.
Seismic Shifter Increase damage by 20% against enemies below 30% of health.
Seismic Shifter Bleed afflicted on enemies deals 30% more damage.
Blood Donation
Seismic Shifter You are healed for 30% of your Bleed damage.
Protected by the Anomaly
Seismic Shifter Increase your Armor Bonus by 40% of your Anomaly Power.
Skilled Sentry
Seismic Shifter Increase Armor by 20% and Resistance by 20% for 10 seconds when your skills end.
Earth's Heritage
Seismic Shifter Increase SEISMIC skills base damage by 50%.

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