Enemies in Outriders features a compendium of hostile characters in the game. There are various opposing forces and futuristic-apocalyptic creatures that you'll encounter in the world of Outriders. Regardless of the fact that each enemy is unique with its own behavior when it comes to combat, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with resources and items they will need as they continue to progress through the game. This page covers a list of all the enemies encountered in the game which includes their location, attributes, item drops, and more on each individual page that is linked below.

Status Effects on Enemies

Some weapons, abilities, and enemy attacks cause Status Effect alongside, or instead of dealing damage. There are 8 Status Effects: ash-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideAshbleeding-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBleedburn-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBurnvulnerable-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideVulnerablefreeze-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideFreezetoxic-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideToxicweakness-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideWeakness and slow-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideSlow.

ash-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideAsh and Freeze are crowd control effects that stop an enemy's or character movement and attacks.

  • ash-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideAsh stops an enemy for 2.5 seconds
  • freeze-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideFreeze stops an enemy for 3.5 seconds

When used consecutively, the duration of these effects gets shorter. Crowd control can trigger status_resistance-outriders-wiki-guideEffect Resistance in elite enemies (for more information go to Effect Resistance).

bleeding-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBleedburn-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBurn, and toxic-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideToxic cause damage over time.

  • bleeding-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBleed does damage equal to 2.5% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds, for a duration of 5 seconds.
  • burn-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideBurn does damage equal to 3.7% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds, for a duration of 6 seconds.
  • toxic-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideToxic does not damage equal to 3.5% of your Ability Power every 0.5 seconds, for a duration of 6 seconds.

Each Player in a session can cast one instance of each status per enemy. Inflicting the status again will refresh the duration of the status, but it won't stack.

  • vulnerable-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideVulnerable increases the damage received by 25% for 10 seconds and weakness-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideWeakness decreases the damage dealt by 30% for 6 seconds.
  • slow-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideSlow reduces movement and attack speed by 30-75%, depending on the enemy's status resistance, for a duration depending on the Skill or Mod used. 

There are Attributes, Mods, and Class Tree nodes that can make Status Effects more powerful. Keep in mind that Status Effects are weaker against Elite enemies due to their Status Resistance.


Elite enemies have the ability to enter an status_resistance-outriders-wiki-guideEffect resistance state. Once activated, the enemy becomes immune to all crowd control statuses (ash-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideAsh, freeze-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guide Freeze, slow-status-effect-outriders-wiki-guideSlow - for more information go to Status Effects)  and interrupts caused by your and your party's skills and weapon mods.

status_resistance-outriders-wiki-guideEffect resistance is activated when the enemy is affected by several crowd control effects or interrupts in a short period. An icon appears next to the health bar when the Elite is hit by such an effect, then starts turning blue, and once enough crowd control effects have been applied, it turns blue which signifies that the Effect resistance has been activated.

This ability ends when the radial bar timer around the status_resistance-outriders-wiki-guide icon shows zero. At that point, the enemy returns to be being susceptible to crowd control and interrupt.

General Information

There are different types of enemies that you will encounter while exploring  Enoch. Each type has its own range of attacks and behavior. Some enemies will rush you and use melee or short-range attacks, while others will keep their distance, hiding behind cover (humanoid enemies only), while attempting to hit you from afar.

Each enemy type has attributes of Health, Armor, and Resistance, that determine how much damage is required to kill them and how much your physical or Anomaly-based damage is mitigated. Recognizing the type of enemy you are fighting and adjusting your strategy accordingly is half of the battle.

Close & Long-Range Damage

Depending on your distance to the enemy, your weapon damage can be modified by either the Close Range Damage or the Long Range Damage attribute (for more information go to Items and resources: Attributes). Close Range Damage, by default, modifies weapon damage dealt to enemies that are closer than 10 meters away from you. You can find Class Tree nodes that reduce the distance considered to be long-range.

Elite & Boss Enemy Types

Some enemies are stronger than regular types and are marked by a Red Skill on the minimap. These enemies are Elites. Many of them are equipped with Anomaly-based skills similar to your ownSometimes you will encounter a Boss enemy. These enemies have a lot of health, deal a lot of damage, and have unique abilities.


Outriders Enemies

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