Items in Outriders feature various categories of items such as Consumables, Materials, Key Items, and many more. Usually, items are obtained from looting crates, chests, destroying objects, dropped by killed Enemies, Bosses, sold by Merchants, or obtained as a reward from completing a Quest. This page covers a list of all the items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.


You can find gear in enemy loot drops, chests, receive them as quests rewards, or buy them at vendors. 

Each piece of equipment has its own Level and one of five Rarity Tiers: Common, Unusual, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The item's attributes and bonuses are determined by its level and Rarity Tier.  Each Weapon has its own ammunition pool

There are 4 weapon Classes:

Item Management

Loot on the ground can be picked up or instantly equipped. All items that you pick up or equip can be found in your Inventory, if you run out of available space, however, items are transferred to the Item Stash and can be accessed in a chest at camp (for more information got Player camp: Camp location). Once the item is in your Inventory you can equipdismantle or sell it to a vendor.

Dismantling Items

The inventory screen allows you to dismantle unwanted items. This gives you Resources (leather-resources-outriders-wiki-guide Leather  from armor pieces, iron-resources-outriders-wiki-guide Iron from weapons and titanium-resources-outriders-wiki-guideTitanium from Epic and Legendary items.), Anomaly Shards (for more information go to Crafting: Raise Attributes). and adds the dismantled items' Mods to the list of your Known Mods (for more information go to  Crafting: Mod Gear).


There are several types of resources in the game:

scrap-resources-outriders-wiki-guideScrap is the currency used for buying items. You can gain it by killing enemies, completing  quests and selling items to vendors (For more information, see Player camp: Vendors).

leather-resources-outriders-wiki-guideLeatheriron-resources-outriders-wiki-guideIron and titanium-resources-outriders-wiki-guideTitanium are Crafting resources.

  • leather-resources-outriders-wiki-guideLeather can be obtained by killing hostile animals and dismantling pieces of armor.
  • iron-resources-outriders-wiki-guideIron is found by harvesting Ore veins and dismantling weapons
  • titanium-resources-outriders-wiki-guideTitanium is granted by dismantling Epic and Legendary items. It sometimes drops from tougher enemies and ore veins

anomaly_shard-resources-outriders-wiki-guideAnomaly Shards are used for raising bonus attributes through Crafting, Each attribute has its own crystal pool. You can gain Anomaly Shards by dismantling items. A Crystal iconanomaly_shard-resources-outriders-wiki-guide next to an attribute in the item's description shows which types of Anomaly Shards you will receive upon dismantling (for more information, see  Crafting: Raise Attributes).

drop_pod-resources-outriders-wiki-guideDrop Pod Resources are received for finishing Expeditions and are spent for entering the Inner Ring, the Final Expedition or buying items and resources.

Loot in Outriders

When enemies are killed, they drop loot. These drops contain ammunition and resource pick-ups that are collected when stepping near them. Loot often contains items. To collect an item from the ground, move near it. A short description will appear, prompting you to pick up, equip it or dismantle the item. Note that you can active automatic loot pick-up and filler the lowest tier that will be automatically picked up in the game's options.



Outriders All Items


Weapons in Outriders is a type of equipment that is used to fight against hostile characters in the game such as Enemies and Bosses. Weapons in the Outriders are featured as various firearms, from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and many more. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, or are dropped by enemies or bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Weapons in Outriders which will include its description and values.


Outriders All Weapons


Sidearms are the character's secondary weapon. These include pistols and revolvers. Sidearms have unlimited ammo and they can be your life savior when your primary weapon isn't available.


Assault Weapons

Assault Weapons are a type of primary weapon. These include Assault Rifles, Light Machineguns, Submachineguns, and Double Guns. Assault Weapons have a high fire rate and high mag capacity, allowing you to rain fire against your enemies.


Shotgun Weapons

Shotgun Weapons are another type of primary arsenal. These include Pump Action Shotguns and Automatic Shotguns. Shotgun Weapons best work when your enemies are up-close and personal. Low in mag capacity, but it sure packs a punch when it is shot.


Sniper Weapons

Sniper Weapons include Marksman Rifles, Automatic Rifles, and Bolt Action Rifles. If you're the type of player who wants to harass their enemies from afar, then this is the type of weapon for you. Scores those headshots, and eliminate your enemies from afar or even mid-range. They won't see it coming.













Assault Weapons




















Shotgun Weapons
















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