New Player Help for Outriders covers various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game. The purpose of this page is to help both new and veteran players of RPG co-op shooter to further understand the game and to know what it has to offer.

Helpful Links:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed guide of the game's main story.
  • Controls: Covers the details of the basic layout of the controller for all platforms.
  • Classes: Learn about the different tactics and find guides for the playable classes of the game.
  • Combat: Provides information on the basic and advanced combat system of King Arthur: Knight's Tale.
  • Equipment & Crafting: Lists all available gear players can find throughout the world, as well as craftable gear.


Outriders New Player Help


Class and SKills

Character Level

To level up, you must earn Experience Points awarded for killing enemies and completing quests. The bigger difference between the enemy's level and your own, the greater the experience points amount gained from killing them. Leveling up increases your character's Maximum Health and Anomaly Power, and unlocks new Class Points and Skills.

Class Tree

You earn Class Points for leveling up. There are 20 Class Points in total, with the final point gained when reaching Level 30. Class Points are used to unlock Class Tree Nodes in the Class tab of the Hero Menu. The Class Tree has 3 main branches, each focusing on an aspect of Survival, Weapon Damage, or Anomaly Power, each corresponding to a different playstyle.

There are small and large nodes in the Class Tree. Each small node grants bonuses to your character's attributes. Large Nodes' effects are much more significant, granting greater percentage-based bonuses and affecting wider sets of mechanics. Some large nodes affect entire sets of skills that have the same Keyword in their description.

You can always reset the Tree, which refunds all spend points, so you can freely experiment with your builds!


Upon leveling up, you may unlock a new Skill. These are your special abilities that can have various effects:

  • Skills can deal damage based on your character's Anomaly Power (a value you can check in Player Stats, accessed in the Hero Menu's Inventory Tab).
  • Skills can inflict Status Effects on enemies: crowd control, damage over time, or debuffs (for more information go to Enemies: Status Effects).
  • Some skills provide buffs for you and your party, increase your mobility, or interrupt enemy movement and attacks.

Your basic skill is an Anomaly Push and every Class has its own version. To use the other 8 skills, you first need to equip them in one of the 3 available Skill Slots. Note that it is possible to swap the equipped skillset at any time, although you cannot equip a skill that is currently in Cooldown.

Skills are labeled with Keywords that describe an aspect of the Class. Some large Class Tree nodes grant bonuses to all skills labeled with a particular Keyword. The Hero Menu's Skills Tab contains detailed information about each skill and its use.

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