Seismic Commander Set

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ARMOR 55,103

Seismic Commander Set (Bonus)

3-Piece Bonus: Increase damage towards enemies with bleed by 150%.

Seismic Commander Set is a Legendary Armor Set in Outriders. Armor Sets consist of multiple pieces of Armor, each one yielding unique stats such as Armor, Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, Max Health, Damage Output, and many more. When Players equip 3 or more pieces of armor from the same set, they receive a special buff known as the Set Bonus. Players can equip and match armor pieces from different sets, but it is recommended to use pieces under the same set to trigger Set Bonuses.



Seismic Commander Set Information


Seismic Commander Set Stats and Attributes

  • Total Armor: 55,103
  • Max Health: ???
  • Status Power: 41.1%
  • Anomaly Power:  1,328
  • Skills Life Leech:  3.25%
  • Healing Received:  ???
  • Bonus Firepower:  ???
  • Cooldown Reduction:  ???
  • Long Range Damage:  ???
  • Close Range Damage:  ???


Seismic Commander Set Armor Pieces & Mods

Legendary Armor Sets consist of 5 pieces of armor from different parts.  Each Legendary Armor Piece is designated with two Armor Mods, one Tier 3 Armor Mod which cannot be changed or swapped by a player, and one random Armor Mod that can be replaced, resulting in a total of 10 Armor Mods per set. If you want to acquire a Tier 3 Mod that is attached to the Legendary Armor Piece, then you have to salvage it. Listed below are the following Armor Pieces, and their respective Armor Mods included in  Seismic Commander Set.

Armor Piece Mod 1 Mod 2
Seismic Commander's Helmet Ultimate Impaler: Impale: The skill can be activated 2 more times before triggering the cooldown. Blood Shock: Earthquake: Inflicts Bleed on enemies affected by the skill.
Seismic Commander's Armor Palisade: Impale: The skill can strike 2 additional targets. Earth's Legacy: Earthquake: Increases the skill's range by 60%. 
Seismic Commander's Leg Armor Tainted Blood: Increases the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with Bleed by 25%. Rivers Of Blood: Impale: Increases the skill damage by 50% to enemies afflicted with Bleed.
Seismic Commander's Gloves Asunder: Earthquake: Using the skill permanently reduces the Armor of affected enemies by 20% Ground Crush: Earthquake: Increases the skill's base damage by x.
Seismic Commander's Footgear Second Quake: Earthquake: The skill can be activate 1 more time before triggering the cooldown. Sharpened Spike: Impale: The skill deals 67 more damage.


Seismic Commander Set Tips & Builds

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      Leg armor:
      Anomaly Power
      Status Power
      Cooldown Reduction

      (Tier 3) Tainted Blood: increases the damage dealt to enemies afflicted by bleed by 25%

      (Tier 1) Rivers of Blood:
      Impale: increases the skill damage by 50% for enemies afflicted by bleed

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