Subclasses or Class Branches in Outriders are the secondary paths that players can take for their chosen Class through character progression. Each class in the game consists of three Class Branches which includes its own set of Major and Minor Traits, and as you level up, you will acquire Class Points which are used to unlock a trait that resonates with the class branch you are aiming for and eventually, acquiring all the traits will fully unlock and maximize the potential of your chosen path.

Take note that you are not required to unlock all the traits that are tied to that class branch in order to acquire subclass bonuses and gameplay changes. Subclasses for Outriders is quite interesting since you can always change how you want your character to become, which means at any given time, you can always reset the tree and respec your Class Points without any costs or penalties and apply it to different traits in order to unlock a different branch that you want to try out, simply alter your class the way you want it to be. This page covers a list of all the various Subclasses for each Class that is featured in Outriders.


Outriders All Subclasses



Ash Breaker

Damage Against Marked Enemies

Fire Storm

Skill Damage, Anomaly Power


Max Health, Reduce Damage





Close-Combat Effectiveness, Movement


Tank, Damage Mitigation, Survivability


Skill Damage, Anomaly Power





Close-Range Combat


The Ultimate Tank

Seismic Shifter

Damage Over Time, Anomaly Damage





Decay and Damage

Tech Shaman

Indirect Damage, Healing


Jack of All Trades

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