Tool of Destruction


Duration n/a Cooldown 46s

Call forth a rocket launcher, capable of dealing high damage and interrupting. Hold this skill down to call forth a Minigun capable of dealing sustained damage.

Skill ends when ammo is depleted or on weapon swap.

Tool of Destruction is a Skill in Outriders. Tool of Destruction is a skill exclusive to the Technomancer class. Each class has a total of 8 skills that can be unlocked and players can equip and designate any three different skills. As the game progresses, you can learn new skills by increasing and attaining certain levels of your character.


Tool of Destruction Information

  • Class: Technomancer
  • Skill Effect: Press the skill button to equip a Rocket Launcher that can Interrupt enemies and deals damage. Hold the Skill Button for a Minigun that deals damage per shot. The skill will remain active until ammo is depleted or until you switch weapons.



Tool of Destruction Acquisition

  • Tool of Destruction can be unlocked by reaching Class Level 9 of the Technomancer.


Tool of Destruction Notes & Tips

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