Ugake Otarah

Legendary Armor Set Ugake Otarah's Set
Recommended Class Trickster
Set Bonus Effect 3-Piece Bonus: Hunt the Prey does not consume cooldown when teleporting behind an enemy marked with Venator's Knife.

Ugake Otarah is a Set Bonus in Outriders, granted by the Ugake Otarah's Set. Set Bonuses are unique Combat buffs activated by equipping 3 or more pieces of Legendary Armor belonging in the same set. Although players may wield a combination of different Armor pieces to maximize raw Stats, it is recommended to equip at least 3 pieces from the same Legendary Armor Set to trigger the desired Set Bonus.


Ugake Otarah Information


 Ugake Otarah Armor Pieces

Set Bonuses are only activated when a player equips 3 or more pieces of Legendary Armor from the same set. To trigger Ugake Otarah, equip any 3 of the following Legendary Armor from the Ugake Otarah's Set:


Ugake Otarah Tips & Builds

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