Class Devastator
No. of Traits 25

Vanquisher is a Subclass in Outriders. Vanquisher is a subclass of the Devastator. Subclasses are the secondary paths that players can take for their chosen Class through character progression. Each class in the game consists of three Class Branches which includes its own set of Major and Minor Traits, and as you level up, you will acquire Class Points which are used to unlock a trait that resonates with the class branch you are aiming for and eventually, acquiring all the traits will fully unlock and maximize the potential of your chosen path.


Vanquisher Information

  • Class: Devastator
  • Subclass Type: Close-Range Combat
  • Subclass Description: The Vanquisher specializes in up-close, in-your-face, close-range combat. You'll find traits that can strengthen your character's physical attributes and increases the damage output when using shotguns and assault rifles.


Vanquisher Traits

Listed below are the following Traits for this subclass. The Vanquisher has 25 traits in its tree. In order to branch out to this subclass, players will need to acquire Class Points which can be obtained through leveling up and use it to unlock the Devastator (Trait) first and the rest of the traits that are tied to the tree. You can respec your Class Points at any given time without any costs or penalties.

  • Havoc: Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%. (There are four nodes of this trait)
  • Shotgun Adept: Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 12%.
  • Armorbreaker: Increase your Armor Piercing by 15%. (There are three nodes of this trait)
  • Brawler: Increase your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%. (There are two nodes of this trait)
  • Perpetual Motion: Reduce KINETIC skills cooldown by 15%. (There are two nodes of this trait)
  • Shotgun Master: Increase your shotgun weapon damage by 15%. Increase shotgun weapon drop chance by 12%.
  • Assault Adept: Increase your assault weapon damage by 12%.
  • Champion: Using PROTECTION skills increases Weapon Damage by 45% for 10 seconds.
  • Bull's Eye: Increase your Critical Damage by 20%.
  • Steady Hands: Decrease weapon recoil by 30%.
  • Assault Master: Increase your assault weapon damage by 20%. Increase assault weapon drop chance by 12%.
  • Dry Them Out: Increase your Weapon Leech by 5%. (There are two nodes of this trait)
  • Bounty Hunter: Increase damage against Elites by 15%. Elites deal 15% less damage to you.
  • Bulletstorm: Reload your weapon 20% faster.
  • Ammo Stockpile: Increases your magazine size by 50%.
  • Confrontation: Enemies who damage you will have their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy as well.
  • Altered Charge: When KINETIC skills end, increase your Weapon Damage by 70% for 10 seconds.


Vanquisher Notes & Tips

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