Crafting in Outriders is a game feature that allows a player to produce Items, Weapons, and Armor out of raw materials. You can find information on how to better utilize the crafting mechanic, a list of the various Materials, where to find each component, and the relevant ingredients on how to produce a craftable item. Players will need to speak to Dr. Abraham Zahedi at the camp to upgrade weapons and armor, Zahedi becomes available after rescuing him during the quests, Dedication, and Salvation.


Crafting in Outriders

crafting menu outriders wiki guide

Outriders Crafting Menu

Crafting General

With a scientist on your side, you get access to Crafting. Talk to Zahedi at the camp to enter the Crafting Menu. Crafting lets you improve your gear. There are 5 methods of improving gear: Improve Rarity, Raise Attributes, Mod Gear, Swap Weapon Variants, and Level Up.

Improve Rarity

This option lets you increase the rarity of an item up to Epic. Improving the rarity of Common and Unusual item costs Ironiron resources outriders wiki guide or Leatherleather resources outriders wiki guide. Improving the rarity of Rare items costs titanium resources outriders wiki guideTitanium (For more information go to Items and resources: Resources).

The Bonus attribute values of the improved item will be raised randomly. When improving to Rare or Epic you will be presented with three random Mods, and you select one of them to be added to the item.

Swap Weapon Variants

As your character levels up, you unlock new Weapon Variants for each Weapon type (for more information go to Items and resources: Weapon Variants). The cost of this action is determined by the level of the Weapon selected for swapping, not the Variant. Chance the weapon's variant to another that is available for this weapon type. Weapon variants are unlocked with higher hero levels.

Crafting Resources

There are several types of resources in the game:

scrap resources outriders wiki guideScrap is the currency used for buying items. You can gain it by killing enemies, completing quests, and selling items to vendors (For more information, see Player camp: Vendors).

leather resources outriders wiki guideLeatheriron resources outriders wiki guideIron, and titanium resources outriders wiki guideTitanium are Crafting resources.

  • leather resources outriders wiki guideLeather can be obtained by killing hostile animals and dismantling pieces of armor.
  • iron resources outriders wiki guideIron is found by harvesting Ore veins and dismantling weapons
  • titanium resources outriders wiki guideTitanium is granted by dismantling Epic and Legendary items. It sometimes drops from tougher enemies and ore veins

anomaly shard resources outriders wiki guideAnomaly Shards are used for raising bonus attributes through Crafting, Each attribute has its own crystal pool. You can gain Anomaly Shards by dismantling items. A Crystal iconanomaly shard resources outriders wiki guide next to an attribute in the item's description shows which types of Anomaly Shards you will receive upon dismantling (for more information, see  Crafting: Raise Attributes).

drop pod resources outriders wiki guideDrop Pod Resources are received for finishing Expeditions and are spent for entering the Inner Ring, the Final Expedition, or buying items and resources.

Raise Attributes

You can use anomaly shard resources outriders wiki guideAnomaly Shards to raise the bonus attributes of an item. Raising an attribute has a price in the number of corresponding shards (for more information go to Items and resources: Resources). Attributes have 6 upgrade stages available, displayed below each attribute in the Crafting menu. If you dismantle an item whose attributes have been raised, you are refunded a portion of the shards invested in it.

anomaly shard resources outriders wiki guideAnomaly Shards are exclusive for each attribute and can be attained by disassembling items. The type of shard you'll get is indicated by the shard icon next to an attribute. Shards used on gear can be partially recovered on disassembly.

Mod Gear

You can swap one of an item's Mods for another from your list of Known Mods The list is filled with Mods from items you dismantle (for more information go to Items and resources: Dismantle). This action is repeatable. However, when you choose which slot to modify, the other becomes permanently locked from modification.

Remember that modding gear this way allows you to create a combination of Items and Mods that would not normally appear in the game! Mod effects don't stack, meaning that two items with the same Mod will grant this bonus only once. Such obligated Mods will never occur for items gained as loot, but with crafting those rules can be broken. So when planning what to craft, avoid adding Mods with the same name.

Level Up Items

Rare, Epic, and Legendary items can be leveled up. This costs leather resources outriders wiki guideLeather or iron resources outriders wiki guideIron for Rare items and titanium resources outriders wiki guideTitanium for Epic and Legendary items.

Leveling up increases the item's primary parameter (firepower or armor) and rerolls attributes values. In the case of Rare and Epic items, this action also frees up one stage of available upgrades (for more information, see Raise attributes). Since the number of bonus attributes on an item is determined by its level, this action may result in the addition of a new, random attribute (for more information go to  Items and resource: Attributes).

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