Classes in Outriders are the different forms of gameplay that a player can choose. There are four different classes in the game and each class composes of its distinct attacks, moves, skills, traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Classes in the Outriders are unique since each one has its own method of healing that resonates with its playstyle.

Each class also has its own set of Active Abilities which are Skills and Passive Abilities which are Traits. Players can equip up to three skills, and unlocking traits lead to a sub-class specialization depending on the path that you follow. This page covers a list of all the classes available in the Outriders.


Outriders All Classes


Medium Range, Conjurer, Fire

Cover foes in flames, incinerate entire squads and heal your own wounds as enemies fall to your inferno.


Close Range, Hit & Run, Spacetime.

Bend the laws of space and time to appear out of nowhere, assassinate your enemies, and return to safety in the blink of an eye.



Close Range, Tank, Stand your Ground.

Take point and defend your allies. Ground and foes alike will tremble as you pass.


Long Range. Support. Gadgets.

Manipulate the Anomaly to animate constructs and bend them to your will, aiding allies and killing enemies from afar.

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