Enoch Colonization Authority

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Faction Title Enoch's Governing Body

Enoch Colonization Authority or ECA is a Faction in the OutridersA Faction is a representation of different groups of individuals that has their own beliefs, interests, affiliates, and enemies. Different members of their factions, usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as certain interactions. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions.



Enoch Colonization Authority Information

The Enoch Colonization Authority (ECA) was the governmental body created by former heads of state and CEOs of multinational corporations working together to shepherd Project Expansion. The ECA was responsible for overseeing the construction of the Flores Ark Ship, the Caravel Scout Ship, and the formation of the Outriders, charged with spearheading the colonization of Enoch. Once on Enoch, the ECA would undertake the role of central authority, overseeing logistics and establishing law and order for the human colony. Bruno Nyberg was the first elected president and traveled with the Flores to Enoch.

After the destruction brought on by the Anomaly storms, the colony was thrown into chaos. Unable to grow crops or produce medicine, and with the most electronics destroyed by the Anomaly, the ECA began to lose control of the First City. Riots and further storms forced the ECA to consolidate their assets and relocate to Rift Town. Those rioters and troublemakers that were left behind saw themselves as "Exiles, cast out from a world order that no longer valued their continued exixstence. It was not long before the Exiles launched an insurgency against the authority.

A 30-year war of attrition followed. Battle after battle was fought over the few dwindling resources left, over the same stretches of ground, ground that had been dug up and formed into trenches, ground that changed hands as often as the weather. The President and many other top officials of the ECA were killed, leading to structural changes in leadership and Shira Gutmann becoming Grand Marshal. The colony's original population of half a million dwindled down to tens of thousands. A generation was born into war and died in the war, knowing nothing else. Anomaly storms continued ravaging the land. History gave way to propaganda, propaganda gave way to a single axiom. "The enemy must be eliminated".


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