The Insurgents

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Faction Title The Exiles

The Insurgents is a Faction in the OutridersA Faction is a representation of different groups of individuals that has their own beliefs, interests, affiliates, and enemies. Different members of their factions, usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as certain interactions. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions.



The Insurgents Information

Realizing the Enoch Colonization Authority had abandoned them, leaving them utterly exposed to Enoch's horrors, a revolutionary group formed, calling themselves "Exiles". These Insurgents, as the ECA calls them, launched an all-out assault against the Authority.

Despite their superior numbers, the Insurgets' inferior weaponry, training, and discipline resulted in their attacks being easily rebuffed. The Insurgents' cause seemed all but lost, but the ECA was in for an ugly surprise. Soon after the storms started coming, the first Altered began emerging among the Insurgents. The power and fury of these first monstrosities were enough to turn the tide of the war. The ECA's panicked failed attempts at first killing the Insurgents and their leaders, and then peace brokering, were met with derision. The Insurgents were out for blood.

Today, the Insurgents are ruled by the merciless Altered Warlords, who believe themselves to be gods, near-immortals who bathe in the horror of war, feeding their flock with hatred towards the ECA and nihilistic lust for death.


The Insurgents Affiliated NPCs

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The Insurgents Related Quests

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The Insurgents Notes & Tips

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