The Hounds

Location Rift Town
Faction Title Crime Syndicate

The Hounds is a Faction in the OutridersA Faction is a representation of different groups of individuals that has their own beliefs, interests, affiliates, and enemies. Different members of their factions, usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as certain interactions. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions.



The Hounds Information

A criminal syndicate based in Rift Town, the Hounds partake in all kinds of petty and organized crime, from selling contraband to protection racketeering and murder. The Hounds have marked their turf in the lower levels of Rift Town and conduct many of their illicit operations there, where the ECA's reach is the weakest.

Elements of the Hounds first appeared during Bruno Nyberg's ECA presidency. Nyberg responded to the rise in crime by condemning those who were involved in illegal acts, and comparing them to a "pack of rabid hounds and mongrels". The Hounds have carried such titles proudly ever since.

The Hounds started as a small gang of youths who accomplished little more than stealing some food or fuel, with the authorities paying them no mind. Over the years, as the ECA's power and authority waned, the Hounds have been taking advantage of the situation, recruiting the increasingly disenfranchised and bolstering their numbers. They are now considered to be a force to be reckoned with.


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The Hounds Notes & Tips

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