Ronin's Amigasa

ronins amigasa headgear armor outriders wiki guide

Armor 3,648 Anomaly Power 2,710
Cooldown Reduction 5% Status Power 20%

Ronin's Amigasa is a Headgear in Outriders. Ronin's Amigasa is the only currently known non-set legendary armor piece, making it a unique individual armor piece. It is also extraordinary in that it is one of the few legendary armor pieces that are universally synergetic with all four Classes. It yields extra stats for Anomally Power, Cooldown Reduction, and Status Power. Despite being a non-set individual legendary headgear, it still grants two Armor Mods.



Ronin's Amigasa Information

  • Set: N/A
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Recommended Class: Universal


Ronin's Amigasa Mods

Legendary pieces of equipment are designated with two Armor Mods, one Tier 3 Armor Mod which cannot be changed or swapped by a player, and one random Armor Mod that can be replaced. If you want to acquire a Tier 3 Mod that is attached to the Legendary Armor Piece, then you have to salvage it. Listed below are the following Armor Mods attached to the Ronin's Amigasa.

  • Arms and Anomaly: Critical Shots increase  your Anomaly Power by 4,711 for 6 seconds. 
  • Aura of Force: Killing enemies with Critical Shots grant 7,281 Anomaly Power to you and your allies for 10 seconds.


Ronin's Amigasa Acquisition

  • Drops at: ???
  • Given by: ???
  • Crafted with: ???
  • Rewarded after completing: ???


Ronin's Amigasa Tips & Builds

  • ???
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia



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      I've got 2 other non set legendary head pieces. Tanners hat (A cowboy hat) and Ivory and bone (A cerimonal looking bone mask)

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