Technomancer Mods in Outriders is a category of Mods. Technomancer Mods alter the overall stats, as well as adding effects to the Skills for the Technomancer class. In order to obtain a Mod, players must dismantle a Weapon or Armor in order to acquire the attached mod. Rare Equipment usually holds Tier 1 Mods, Epic Gear has Tier 1 and Tier 2 Mods, while Legendary Weapons and Armor have Tier 3 and Tier 3 Mods. Players cannot stack the same mod to double the effect or value, but instead, players can equip two different Mods with the same tier. This page covers a list of the different Technomancer Mods featured in Outriders.


Outriders All Technomancer Mods



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Name & Icon Tier Skill/Mod Effect
Advanced Rockets
1 Pain Launcher: Every rocket deals ??? more damage.
Armor Reduction
1 Blighted Turret: The turret reduces the Armor of each enemy it hits by 20%. The effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Bang for your Buck
1 Tool of Destruction: Activating the skill grants a 100% base ammo increase for the selected tool.
Better Parts
1 Blighted Turret: Increases the turret’s duration by 50%.
Bonus Duration
1 Cryo Turret: Extend the turret’s duration by 30%.
Cleansing Wind
1 Fixing Wave: Activating the skill removes negative statuses from allies and grants 5 seconds immunity from them.
Cold Purification
1 Cold Snap: Skill activation removes negative statuses from you and all your allies in range and receives negative status immunity for 5 seconds.
Critical Analysis
1 Blighted Rounds: Increases Critical Damage by 30%.
Demolition Man
1 Tool of Destruction: Each rocket deals ??? more damage.
1 Tool of Destruction: 3% of the damage dealt using the Minigun heals you after the ability ends.
1 Scrapnel: Increases the detection and explosion radius by 33%.
1 Tool of Destruction: Activate skill grants 18,424 Armor bonus.
Freeze Barrage
1 Pain Launcher: Inflict Freeze on enemies affected by each rocket explosion.
Hail Shot
1 Cryo Turret: Increase the turret’s damage based on your Status Power.
Ice Component
1 Blighted Turret: The turret now inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic.
Ice Pack
1 Cryo Turret: The turret heals allies by 30% Max Health within a 4-meter radius when the ability ends.
Increase Damage
1 Cryo Turret: Every turret’s shot deals extra ??? damage.
Initial Blast
1 Pain Launcher: Causes a small explosion, dealing ??? damage in a 5-meter radius when the skill is activated.
More Damage
1 Scrapnel: Increases the skill’s damage by ???.
More Traps
1 Scrapnel: 1 additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.
No Pain, No Gain
1 Blighted Rounds: When the skill ends, 40% of damage dealt by the skill is turned into healing and spread equally among allies.
Portable Armory
1 Tool of Destruction: You can fire 1 additional rocket.
Rain of Pain
1 Pain Launcher: Decreases the skill’s cooldown by 34%.
Spare Mag
1 Blighted Rounds: The skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown.
1 Scrapnel: 1 additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.
1 Cryo Turret: The turret explodes before being destroyed, dealing ??? damage in 6-meter radius.
Trick Up The Sleeve
1 Blighted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots grants you 30% extra bullets in your mag.
1 Tool of Destruction: Activating the Minigun grants a 15% Resistance bonus.
Breathe In
3 Fixing Wave: Reduces the skill’s cooldown by 20%.
3 Pain Launcher: Increases the number of rockets launched by 10.
3 Fixing Wave: Activating the skill replenishes one weapon magazine for each ally. Cooldown of 45 seconds.
Rocket Man
3 Tool of Destruction: You can shoot 3 additional rockets.
Trap Cluster
3 Doubles the number of mines that can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.

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